oNFYs2xI have been playing catch up for the longest time, and I haven’t been the best with posting on time, but, I still put in TONS of effort into these posts. I try my best to understand and learn everything before blogging and its seriously time consuming and quite tiring. But all in all, I think I really have learnt quite a lot!

a0793742f7386b286a322a1814cebb3012216e5bef00cf9be98dc891c380b460This past few months have just been about that. The Internet. I’ve learnt so many things, about its history, the present uses, the future. How to apply this crazy web to almost anything in life. From businesses to politics and journalism. I feel like i’ve gotten a pretty good overview of most things, maybe not in the deepest ways, but at least I’ve been on the superficial level of things, but over a wide variety.

I guess for me, I know this isn’t the end. As scared as I am about our crazy future, I’m pretty sure I’ll constantly be adapting to the advancements in technology and I’ll constantly be learning more about the Internet. I’m pretty excited to learn more things, judging from how much I’ve already learnt. I think many of the things seemed so “in the background” to me, that I didn’t really realise how everything worked and how it affected other things. But now that I brought all that to the foreground and learned what their pros and cons are, I think I can use the Internet more effectively and efficiently now. (:

This was a pretty crazy class, I’m happy about all that I’ve gained from it, but I’m pretty glad its over too. Short and sweet is what’s good. I think any longer and I wouldn’t have survived.



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