Quirky is a New York City based invention company. They allow inventors to submit their ideas, while also assisting them in the development process. Quirky_Logo
CEO and Founder Ben Kaufman believed in unleashing simple connected products for the cautious consumer. When his invention-crowdsourcing startup decided to make a play for the smart-gadget market, Ben Kaufman decided to partner with GE, who invested $30 million and also shares Quirky’s vision for a simpler connected home that won’t intimidate customers.

On the website, you can do various things. One of which is submitting your own inventions. They believe that the best inventions are somewhere deep inside people’s minds. So you can submit your idea, help them decide by voting for the best ones and helping the inventors make their products better. You can even influence and earn. By clicking buttons on Quirky, you earn money! Just by deciding which colour looks nicer, you can make money. THEY make it REAL. They turn your pictures, and drawings into actual products, in a box, at a store, earning you cash. They use some of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to make high quality products. In the end, the world prospers. You earn money from your invention, and the rest of the world benefits from something new, that helps them in their day to day lives.

On Quirky.com, you can also shop for already made inventions! I have seen some seriously cool things there, from stuff that’s all tech-fied to just simple practical things that make life so much easier.

And this, power plug which is designed just for people addicted to devices and require a lot of electricity, Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.12.45 pmHonestly, I’m so excited and happy about all these new companies encouraging innovations and creativity. So many times, I find myself or my family members saying, if only this existed. or, “We should invent something that _____”. Perhaps now the next time someone says something like that, I just might submit my own idea onto Quirky and give it a try (:



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