075b0c88707e413a2ca33d2265fbe4581b6e35e47d87678f731dc228870e2212Honestly, when I think of the future of the Internet, it freaks me out. Judging from the way things are going, with augmented reality, artificial intelligences, more and more advanced technologies and machines, SERIOUSLY, OMG… freaking-out

Thinking about robots in the future, artificial intelligences like those in the movie AI, where they look like humans, that just CREEPS ME OUT. Like I really hope I’m not around when that day comes. I don’t want to witness it, ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies… but really, they’re more harm than good. i-for-one-welcome-meme-generator-i-for-one-welcome-our-new-robot-overlords-a4bfd2THAT WILL BE US. ROBOT OVERLORDS.

Okay, time to get a little more serious, there are certain things I’m looking forward to. With virtual and augmented reality, I love the idea of being able to shop from home, standing in my closet. 0ar-2_775x425_d79Already now, theres this whole “Internet of Things” thing going around, where THINGS are connecting to the Internet… Things like thermostats, cameras, cars… why do THERMOSTATS need to be connected to the Internet???!! And, people are worrying that all these increased connections requires increased electricity. YES of course! As if we haven’t been harping on it enough, to conserve energy, save the earth, stop global warming, and everything. Why are we increasing all these connections?? well, cause we are all so LAZY obviously. large2Of course, I’m not blaming everyone for whats happening or about to happen (in my head), cause of course I’m lazy too. But, I am not actually a heavy subscriber of the Internet. At least not as much as is expected of me, a millennial… People always say millennials are so tech savvy and they google everything they don’t know, like immediately. I don’t do that though, maybe there’s something weird about me. I don’t look to google a lot, just to find out small little things. My sister and even my dad, are so quick to just whip out their smartphone and google something straight away, when we’re discussing about it. I just don’t think that way…

Anyway, back to the future of the Internet (I sidetrack, a lot, again…) I don’t really know what else to say, I don’t really wanna imagine what the future will be like, with technology taking over our lives, more than it already has. I just don’t even want to think about it, maybe I can ignore it as it happens… Am I like some old woman LOL. But, yeah… Internet and technology, please progress SLOWER. Thank you.



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